30 May, 2017
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Drying robot system LINX 2.0

Drying robot system with medium wave infrared technology which can be installed inside a paint booth or a prep station.

The catalytic reaction occurred during the gas combustion (methane or LPG) accelerates the drying process of any chemical used to repair the body of the car (mastics, primers, waterbased paints and varnishes).

Adequate drying temperature of the support is constantly controlled by the 3 pyrometers of the LINX 2.0 . Once the drying zones of the vehicle and the products are selected, the robot rapidly positions itself in the working zone and the drying process starts with a moving speed and a temperature automatically managed by the PLC providing fast and deep drying.

The drying process used by the LINX 2.0 is sufficiently deep to allow polishing and washing operations of the vehicle immediately after the drying process.

Infrared drying reduces drying times by more than 50% and energy consumption by more than 90%.

ASTRA LINX 2.0 is the best buy for any car body shop in a productivity increase and cost reduction process.