More than 30 years of Commitment

ASTRA started its business in 1979 in Valencia (Spain). Nowadays, the Company employs approximately 55 people in 2 factories, in a small village outside Barcelona.

Carlo Ballero, as founder, and his wife Silvia Bottoli, are a proactive couple originally from Italy who have always pushed the company to look for expansion through innovative and modern products.

Our name:ASTRA comes from our first Spray Booth model in the 70s, which quickly became very popular in the Spanish market; ASTRA is the name of a star, so the target was to become a star in the Spray Booth market.

Little by little many other products have successfully been added to our range.

Large product range

Nowadays, the large range of ASTRA products provide numerous solutions for the Automotive market.

Besides the fact we are offering the most innovative and revolutionary models in benches and lifts, we are incorporating in our Spray Booths the most currently technological solutions and, as experts in custom made solutions, we can get used to the true needs of customers, being the most worthwhile as much in investment as in the production process.

Under our TECNOMEC brand, we have over 50 different solutions in welding processes (100 to 350 A) and plasma cutting (25 to 125 A) specially recommended for industrial applications.

Open to the World

We really believe in international Exhibitions. Our products are appreciated nowadays in over 30 countries, our target is to offer modern and efficient equipment for all kinds of Workshops.

We are proud to see when our customers let us know how practical and efficient some of our products are, since it is very important that every product fits the expectation of our customers.

Being at the shows is a good way to meet customers and check their needs, and to know the trend of the market and to fix on our internal strategy.

Design and Made in Spain

All our products are designed and manufactured in Spain following the most demanding European regulations.

We are 55 kind and enthusiastic people working to develop Workshop equipment with the best features for our customers.

All the manufactured components in our products comes from well known European suppliers, to ensure the highest level in terms of efficiency and productivity.

Our philosophy: innovative ideas, latest generation Technology and Spanish product..

Quality Certificates

We meet the highest European standards .

Some of our clients

Subsidies for labor recruitment
of people aged 30 and over.

This action is promoted and subsidized by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia and 100% financed by the European Social Fund as part of the European Union's response to the COVID pandemic 19